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How can I end a long-lasting bad trip?

I am still in a strange state since I took E some time ago.

I was unable to communicate for the simple fact that i couldn't concentrate enough to communicate, if that makes any sense....i remember trying to walk and feeling very very very drunk and disorientated....i was fine for a while and then i felt as if i was tripping really hard---not so much visuals, but the way my body felt and the train of my thoughts resembled that of an LSD trip....i was awake of course for almost 3 days with pupils fully dialated

I decided to go and see a psychiatrist where he gave me some meds to take for paranoia and for something to calm my nerves....i was fine for a few days straight and then a few days ago i started to have almost the same symtoms but not as intense; cold tingling sensation throughout my body, a flighty almost similar to the "out of body" experience, basically i felt i was going to lose control and or die---very scary.....when this happens, which is a few times a day for the past 4 days, i try to relax and just keep myself from losing control, so to speak...well, i hope you can help me.

reply from an expert

The question seems to relate to the persisting phenomeon. I would classify this as a panic attack, and I would recommend the usual treatments: relaxation exercises, either Prozac or clomipramine, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Dr. Karl Jansen
The Maudsley Hospital
63 Denmark Hill
London SE5 8AZ