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Does E cause shingles?

I get shingles after using ecstasy. Could that be the cause?

Reply from a doctor:
I and 2 other colleagues have all noticed recrudescence of cold sores (herpes simplex) a few days following a heavy session. And so shingles (recurrent herpes zoster) does not surprise me at all. We keep both these viruses at bay, most of the time; they get away sometimes when our immune system takes a dive.

I think that it is NOT the E that suppresses the immune system, it's what you do on it. If you drop 3, especially with some MDEA, and go mad on a dance floor for 4 hours, that is an amazingly immunosuppressive activity. Athletes have long know that if they overdo it, they can get in big trouble with infection.

This is likely to be worse if you sit around all the time and then go mad for 4 hours.

I bet this guy doesn't just sit around being touchy feely but goes bananas as described.

And that's why this happens. That's the end of my theory! For what it's worth, if I and my friends overdo it in other ways and stay up all night, that often has the same effect. So you don't blame the E directly, just what it makes you do.