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Is the party over because of bad quality ecstasy?

I'm 26 years and over the last 5 years I used E here in Germany every 1-3 weekends). 5 years ago I guess 80% of all E contained MDMA, 18% MDE and 2% other or no substances. This was a very good time and today I can say that MDMA has totally changed my life.

Before I used E I was shy and never went out to a party. This changed with E and I'm happy that this happened (I'm much more self-confident now - a good help in my job). But in the last 2 or 3 years I can see a decreasing in quality. After many, many E's without MDMA I was very dissappointed and stopped using E. Now there is something amiss in my life (and in the life of my girlfriend). MDMA gave us so much and now it seems to be over.

Today it seems that all E's are coming from the ex communist countrys and not longer from holland because they are cheaper. I think that today many people who take E never got real MDMA.

The scene has changed and I'm very unhappy about that.


I know that many other people feel the same as you, but when you look at the test results you find that the quality is not that bad now. Look at the last batch from Britain and Germany, and then allow for the fact that people are much more likely to send in pills for testing which they have had a bad experience with.

I think the main factor is tolerance, both on an individual level and on a national level. In each country, as the ecstasy dance scene arrived, there was a 'honeymoon' period when everyone had a wonderful time. But a few years later most of the regulars have taken so much E that they don't get 'loved up' and this effects the atmosphere of events. Then give up E as no good any more and change to other drugs such as alcohol or speed, producing an even worse atmosphere. Next time they go out, they are already in the mood to expect to be disappointed and this continues the downward spiral.

But then there are still occasions when the old magic returns, and I still get as many enthusiastic reports from new users. And I don't think that can explained by the quality of the Es.