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How do I make the last few hours of a trip better?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the downside of a trip easier? I don't mind the fitful sleeping so much as the last three/four hours of a roll, when my friends and I sort of stop talking to each other, aren't really dancing, and it seems like we are just sitting around hoping for the rush to come back...
In the end, someone finally says "I guess it's time to go home" and we do. It sort of detracts from the amazing experience, you know?


Suggestions from an American reader:

The first thing to remember about E is that you have to make your high yourself, wether you've just dropped, are rolling hard, or are coming down. E is what you make of it. If you dread coming down, you might just come down even faster. Be oblivious of the time from the point when you dropped, to when your high should be coming down. Live it up. But..... we all know what it's like... so, here's some things to do:

• Take a bath, it's relaxing, still feels really good, and doesn't take too much energy

• Just sit and talk - watch your surroundings if you're at a rave and can't get home yet, you'll notice the neatest things about people and situations..

• Go sit by a beach... or lake... Just lie there. Relax and enjoy nature.

• Go to an open garden. Enjoy the flowers... Once again, relax

• Finally, the best thing: get comfy, grab some tea and sit and watch Disney's Fantasia (the movie) - little pixies and wizards never seemed cooler !

Here are a few ideas - more suggestions welcome

• Go to a swimming pool and float around. You can either float on inflatable stuff or, if the pool is shallow enough, just sit around with your friends. One can stay there for hours, and it is not rare to stay in the water long after the effects are gone. But remember to protect yourself against the sun

• If you don't need to stay at the club, don't. Go and chill out somewhere more comfortable and with more distractions, such as a friend's house. Drink tea or juice, watch children's television, play cards or video games if you want to interact, listen to the music you most want to hear, or just relax with your own thoughts

• The aftermath of a trip, when the rushing is over but you are still feeling opened up, can be a very good time to mull over the experience you have just had, and begin to think about how you will integrate it into your everyday life. Accept that the immediate trip is over but plan how you will work the feelings you have had into the longer-term. Try and change your mindset about those last few hours - rather than willing the rush to come back use the time to make the most of this calmer, more reflective stage of the experience

• Take a walk. If it's daylight and you are able to safely get to a park the fresh air and the quiet can be great after a night in a club