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Diabetes and ecstasy


My 20 yr old daugter was found to have type II diabetes 2 years ago and we
have been helping her to control it with diet ever since. She is supposed
to not have sugar in her diet at all and so we changed the habits of the
entire household with sugar substitutes and alot of home cooking.

She had a lot of trouble accepting this condition and went through a bad
period in which she needed alot of love and support and she still says "why
me!". Over the past 4-6 months her mood, values and ambitions have
changed and we had trouble understanding this until a week ago. Two months
ago we had a small family argument which resulted in her moving out of home
to her boyfriends place. We also found out that she has been take small
quantities of LSD and has been attending rave parties and taking ecstasy.

We are told by the family doctor that these drugs and diabetes do not mix,
and that she could become an insulin dependant diabetic very quickily and
even lapse into a diabetic coma at any time. We have been trying to get
reliable information on this subject ever since.

We are told that LSD produces an immediate increase in blood sugar levels
and could cause a diabetic coma but nobody is sure of the effect of
ecstasy. Some doctors we have talked to believe the effects on a diabetic
could be worse and even kill her in a very short period of time.

We want to get information on this to her as soon as possible but need help
in clarifing the situation so the information is accurate. She is going to
visit us on Sunday for the first time in 2 months and we hope to talk to
her then.


I'm not aware of any of the clinical implications of diabetics taking
psychedelics. I would assume that amphetamine-like drugs would stimulate
conversion of glycogen to glucose because of their sympathomimetic effect
and increased exercise in a rave scene, but I don't know enough about
diabetes to know how that would be affected. LSD certainly does not
stimulate the muscles to work, and I don't think it has any effect on body
temperature, so I can't really see how it would be contraindicated in
diabetes. I've never seen anything about LSD increasing blood sugar.
Dr David Nicholls

I have heard of several people with diabetes who tried MDMA and found
absolutely no problem. I think one person even monitored blood sugar levels
constantly with some sort of infusion pump and found no problem.
Rick Doblin, MAPS

MDMA, or Ecstasy, is a central nervous system stimulant, and has
sympathomimetic properties, which could effect insulin levels. I suggest
you tell the doctor this fact, so he can advise you and your daughter
accordingly. When I administered MDMA to patients in the early 1980's, I
would not administer it to anyone with diabetes because of potential
problems. Because MDMA suppresses appetite, hypoglycemia would probably be
likely, but I know of no research data or reports on MDMA users who are
diabetic. I have never heard of LSD affecting blood sugar, but I am not an
expert on that.
Dr George Greer