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A banker's religious experience

Conversation with Jesus

I am a banker who leads a very intense, active life around the world. I have tried E twice in controlled settings wearing eyeshades and headphones with music in the background. The facilitator believes that E raises the volume of our inner voice so that our consciousness is expanded and things can become more clear.

The first time I toook 175 mg. but nothing really happend because of my fears and because I am a controller pesonality and fought the E. (I weigh 165 lbs and am probably in peak physical condition since I work out every day.) The result was a bad headache. The second time I took 250mg and was much more relaxed and open to the whole experience. WOW!! It was a very profound religious experience.

I attended with my girl friend who is a very experienced E user and who introduced me to E. After taking the E and after it began to take effect, I found myself having a very personal conversation with Jesus. Jesus did not look like any of the images but like a regular modern person about 35 years old. In the conversation I confirmed with Jesus that my girlfriend was my soulmate and that we were in love and very much for each other. Jesus was hugging me and lifting many burdens off of my shoulders.

I then asked Jesus about my wife from whom I am separated and who has been ill. Jesus told me not to worry about her, that she would be with him soon. This was pretty shocking since Jesus meant that she would die. He and I began to talk about many other things, about my girl friend about her role in my life. He became very specific about things that would happen in my life in the future. Essentially, he was "predicting" a number of things that would happen. We also were then walking along the shore and I was asking Jesus about different people I should trust in the future and again he was very specific.

Towards the end of my "journey", I asked Jesus to ask my girl friend to trust me and to hang in there with me. (She has been after me to finalize the divorce with my wife.) Jesus said that he would and not to worry about this. I felt totally spiritual and connected with God in a very personal way: throughout this Jesus hugged me and I cried.

When the trip came to an end and I shared with my girlfriend, she told me first how a voice had told her to trust me and to hang in there with me-UNBELIEVABLE!!.. I then shared with her what had happened in my journey. I am fairly religious and do pray and it was overwhelming to have this kind of contact with God.

My reply

I think it would be useful to write down the predictions and time schedule, if one was implied, and to see if how many are correct. But also not to be 'driven' by them: they may be submerged hopes or fears.
I would hate to think that you have a hidden hope that your wife will die, and that your belief in this will make it happen in Voodoo fashion.

>The facilitator of the workshop felt that E
>raises the volume of our innner voice so that our consciousness is expanded
>and things can become more clear.
I believe that too. But it is also important to re-assess insights later as my experience is sometimes "tunnell vision" - not seeing all the relevant factors.

Your 'vision' experience sounds to me more like LSD than E, but then you did have a high dose.
American man aged ??