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Warning: 'China White' pills contain DOB

Three visually identical pills, sold as ecstasy in the UK and known as China Whites, Technos or White Russians, have been laboratory tested over the last month.

The pills are white with a hard gloss finish and are identical on both sides. They have no logo and no score and are well made. Weight ~200 mg. Measurements: 0.705cm diameter, 0.43cm thick in centre, 0.31cm thick at edge.

Two of the pills had no active component. One contains DOB (2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Bromoamphetamine). The DOB-containing pill, on being broken across, has the occasional tiny blue speck visible within the tablet substance.

User reports of these pills vary with some reports of no effects, and some reports of bad experiences.

It seems likely that these tablets come from the same manufacturer and the differing effects may reflect inadequate mixing of the active DOB with fillers.

DOB is a very potent drug with a typical dose being 1-5mg. Effects can take three to four hours to appear, and may last up to twenty four hours.

The danger of DOB lies in the possibility of overdose, especially if the user believes they are taking MDMA (or similar substance) and, feeling no effects after an hour, decides to take more. There have been reports of deaths due to overdose of this drug.

In a Marquis test for DOB the reagent initially stays clear then very slowly turns a greenish colour. As the amount of chemical is so small the green colour may be masked by other ingredients and the reagent may stay fairly clear.

More information about DOB is available at the London Toxicology Group, and in Alexander and Ann Shulgin's PiHKAL (substance no. 62).