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Buying a Test Kit

Buying a Test Kit

E Testing Kits Remain Legal in UK

Home testing kits are currently available from The Green Party Drugs Group in the UK, from Spank Products in Holland, and from Dancesafe in the US.

The Green Party kits will test between 100 and 150 pills.

The Basic Kit consists of the Marquis Reagent testing solution, a scalpel (for scraping) and information on drug issues and campaigning organisations.

The Advanced Kit also contains a micrometer. This allows the pill to be accurately measured, so that it can be compared with pills already tested on this site. There is less chance of a pill being a lookalike if the precise dimensions match.

To buy a kit, send £15* (includes postage and packing) for the Basic kit or £34* for the Advanced kit with cheque or PO made out to:

Green Party Drugs Group
1a Waterlow Road
London N19 5NJ

Tel: +44 (0) 181 678 9420

*UK only

The Green Party will accept international orders, but need payment in British pounds. The postage and packing for the USA is 3 pounds. Please ring the Green Party for more details.
All profits from the sale of Green Party kits goes towards campaigning/raising awareness of drugs related issues.

Amsterdam-based Spank Products produce a kit called the E-Z Test. They do a small and a large version. The E-Z Test Large consists of a small re-sealable (glass) bottle with E-Z Test reagent. It holds enough liquid to test 60 to 90 samples (depending on how much liquid you use each time). The large kit costs 20 dollars. They also do worldwide mail order sales and wholesale. More details are available on their website at

The US-based Dancesafe organisation will provide ecstasy testing kits for a donation of $25 or more. Each kit contains a small, 15ml bottle with a spill-proof, dropper dispenser, a plastic safety container, an instruction sheet, and a colour chart. Each kit can test approximately 100 pills.
Dancesafe accept payment by cheque or money order or by credit card via their secure server. All donations received are used for further harm reduction work.
More details are available on their website at