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Analysis of ecstasy pills June 1997

British test results June 1997

Note that the strength of the active ingredients is given as the base, not the hydrochloride which has been given in the previous results, so that these figures are 19% lower for MDMA. To change the base to hydrochloride values, multiply by the following factors:
MDMA: 1.189
MDEA: 1.176
MDA: 1.204
MBDB: 1.176
Amphetamine: 1.270

These samples were bought in Britain.

Click on the pill to get a larger more detailed image if required (these images are up to 350k and may take a little time to download)

Name thickness diameter weight active ingredients description
Sunrise 3.86mm 9.05mm 307mg MDEA 76mg
MDMA 19mg
mottled beige, sun logo one side with small step, reverse domed, not scored
Riddler 3.67mm 8.12mm 223mg MDMA 64mg smooth white pill with '?' logo one side, scored and bevelled on reverse
Loony Tune 3.33mm 8.03mm 208mg MDMA 64mg mottled white pill with musical note logo, scored and bevelled on reverse
Prince 3.38mm 9.11mm 289mg MDEA 47mg
Caffeine 33mg
smooth white pill with Prince logo, stepped both sides, scored on reverse
Dove 4.00mm 9.09mm 322mg MDMA 65mg shiny white pill with 'dove' logo and rounded edge, reverse scored with small bevel
Pink Callie 3.21mm 8.03mm 189mg MDMA 91mg plain mottled pink pill, bevelled both sides, scored on reverse
Pink Dome 3.37mm 9.15mm 249mg MDEA 50mg
MDMA 19mg
plain mottled deep pink pill, domed one side, reverse flat and scored
Pink Callie 3.72mm 8.07mm 182mg MDMA 90mg plain mottled pink pill, bevelled both sides, scored on reverse
Swan 4.40mm 9.09mm 315mg MDMA 73mg
Caffeine 8mg
beige pill, step-domed both sides with vague swan logo, not scored
Dome 5.00mm 9.12mm 302mg MDMA 66mg
Caffiene 53mg
beige pill, high step-domed on one side with normal step-dome on reverse, not scored
Sun 4.17mm 9.18mm 295mg MDMA 77mg off-white pill with sun logo, domed on reverse, not scored
Pink Barrel 6.4mm 7.23mm 274mg MDMA 66mg tall mottled pink pill, domed both ends, not scored
Dollar 2.84mm 9.06mm 262mg MDMA 60mg off-white pill, $' sign logo, domed and scored on reverse.
Woody 3.25mm 9.11mm 240mg MDMA 60mg off-white pill with rounded edges, 'woody woodpecker' logo, scored on reverse
Speckled Dove 4.07mm 9.08mm 306mg MDMA 70mg off-white pill with brown speckles, rounded edges, 'dove' logo, scored on reverse
Pink Dove 3.50mm 9.30mm 253mg MDEA 49mg
MDMA 20mg
speckled deep/pale pink pill, 'dove' logo, scored and slightly domed on reverse
Love 2.85mm 10.06mm 310mg MBDB 90mg mottled light grey/white pill, stepped both sides, 'I LOVE YOU' on one side, scored on reverse
EXTC 5.48mm 11.18mm 520mg Norephedrin
(cough suppressant)
large white pill, domed both sides, with 'EX.TC' above '43127' on one side, scored on reverse. (from USA)
White Callie 3.32mm 8.42mm 187mg 'Phenmetrazin'
appetite supressant)
plain white pill, domed both sides with rough 'broken china' surface, not scored

Thank You to all the donors of samples tested above and to Frank Heim for the HTML.

If you can offer other types of pills for testing, please let me know. First check it is not included here or in the list of pills being tested now

©Nicholas Saunders 1997