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Analysis of ecstasy pills October/November 1997

Test results October/ November 1997

These samples were bought in various countries, mainly Britain and Germany.

The measurement used here for MDMA content refers to the base. The same content would be about 20% higher if the hydrochloride is measured (as is done by some other laboratories).

*These pills came in different colours but with nearly the same quantity of the same ingredients. The quantity listed applies to the first colour mentioned.

Name thickness diameter weight active ingredients description
Dove 3.0mm 9.2mm 265mg MDEA 31mg
MDMA 42mg
Beige with white speckles, scored on reverse
Lips* 5.5mm 8.2mm 288mg MDMA 59mg Beige with violet spots or Brown, scored on reverse
Playboy* 3.2mm 9.1mm 288mg 27mg amphetamine + trace of caffiene Red-brown or White, scored on reverse.
Twins 4.8mm 9.2mm 320mg 76mg MDMA biege, scored on reverse
Adidas 5.1mm 8.7mm 384mg 9mg amphetamine + trace caffiene green, scored on reverse
Thunderdome 5.2mm 7.8mm long 500mg MDMA 64mg oblong pill, white with beige spots, scored on reverse
Triangle 2.6mm 10.2x4.1mm 303mg MDEA 98-107mg white or green domed triangular tablet, plain reverse
Number 1 4.8mm 8.2mm 284mg MDMA 56mg white, scored on reverse
Mercedes 5.2mm 8.6mm 400mg 12mg amphetamine + trace caffiene white, scored on reverse
Pound 3.2mm 10.1mm 304mg MBDB 80mg white, not scored
Star* 5.3mm 8.7mm 400mg 11mg amphetamine + trace caffiene Violet or Green, scored, with star logo, scored on reverse
Killers 4.3mm 9.1mm 348mg MBDB 136mg + trace caffiene white, not scored on reverse
Clover 4.8mm 7x6mm 235mg MDMA 60mg +
MDEA 19mg
rectangular tablet, scored on reverse
Sunshine 4.6mm 9.1mm 365mg MDEA 129mg white pill, scored on reverse
Micro 1.8mm 3.8mm not known LSD small blue/black star shaped pill
Euro 2.8mm 9.2mm 204mg MDMA 57mg beige/white, "EURO" on reverse
Dolphin 3.6mm 9.2mm 247mg MDEA 26mg +
MDMA 5mg
white pill, scored on reverse
Pyramid 4.6mm 10.1mm 462mg Neo-Cibalgin
A Swiss cold remedy, believed to be harmless
white with "TI" on reverse
CD 4.0mm 8.1mm 266mg 9mg amphetamine + trace caffiene golden, scored on reverse
Apple 3.7mm 9.2mm 287mg MDMA 42mg +
trace caffiene
white with spes, scored on reverse
Email 4.5mm 8.5mm 220mg MDMA 71mg crumbly off-white, "@" on reverse
One Two Five 2.6mm 9.1mm 198mg MDMA 41mg pink, facetted both sides

Energy (no photo)
White pill with "e" logo plus dot in centre, 3.1x8mm, 177mg, contains ephedrin and ketamin

"120mgMDMA" (no photo)
A plain white pill sold as 120mg of MDMA was damaged in transit, contained MDMA, but the quantity was not measured.


If you can offer other types of pills for testing, please let me know. First check it is not included here or in the list of pills being tested now

©Nicholas Saunders 1997