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Mitsubishi Lab Tested

The previously good reputation of 'Mistubishi's' amongst ecstasy-users has been dealt a blow with the discovery of a batch which contain nothing but sugar. Description and picture.

The importance of laboratory testing of pills sold as ecstasy has been clearly demonstrated once again in this case. A volunteer, testing pills in a club using the Marquis reagent test, came across an unusual result when testing a Mitsubishi.

He explained: "Effectively there was no colour change with the test fluid. I was so surprised by this I repeated the test several times and eventually set off with the tested sample of clear liquid to show someone. I was carrying it around for some minutes, after which it seemed to produce a green-ish colour change."

Concerned that this colour change indicated the presence of DOB (a very strong psychoactive drug which has been found in pills in the UK - more info ), arranged for the pill to be tested at a laboratory.

Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry tests revealed that the pill contained no active ingredients at all - no MDMA, no caffeine, no ketamine, no ephedrine, no amphetamine. The only obvious peak on the graph was for a modified form of sucrose (cane sugar).

Clubbers should be aware that there are now a number of different batches of Mitsubishi on the market. It is only through systematic lab testing that ecstasy-users can have an idea of what is contained in pills which are sold to them as ecstasy. This particular E tablet contained nothing harmful, but future pills might. This will only be detected through regular and reliable lab tests.

Description of the pill:

Diameter: 7.8mm

Thickness: 4.92 mm

Colour: off white, no speckles

Weight 269.5mg (after scrapings removed for Marquis test)

Picture of the pill: