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Ecstasy test results December 1995

Samples of "Ecstasy" bought in British clubs during November 1995

I have had some problems with this batch which were tested while I was away, which has resulted in there being no photographs or dimensions. I am still hoping that photographs will be found, if so I will re-post them with the results.

Apple logo: 90mg MDMA

$ logo: MBDB. See previous results for information on MBDB

Octagon, with a crown on one side: 154mg MDEA

"Barney Flintstone": 129mg MDEA

"Dwarf": 50mg MDEA + 40mg MDMA

We have also tested 5 Doves:

White Dove: 131mg MDEA + 6mg MDMA

Large Dove, large white tablet with small dove: Ketamine + ephedrine + procaine

Grey Dove: 133mg MDEA

Grey Dove: 123mg MDEA + 6 mg MDMA

Grey Dove: 122mg MDEA

and two capsules:

Yellow-red capsule containing white powder: 85 mg MDMA

Transparent capsule with pink powder: 75 mg MDMA

Please note: you cannot determine the contents of any one pill by comparison to the known contents of another similar one. The lesson to learn is that the contents vary widely. Although the most desired dose is about 120mg MDMA, all of the above would produce an effect that would be considered satisfactory by most users except the Large Dove and the Dollar. I have tried MBDB and found it relaxing and made it easy to let go, but lacked the euphoric feelings of MDMA.

©Nicholas Saunders, 11/95