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Test results of samples of Ecstasy bought in British clubs summer 1995

Fido Dido motif. White, 9x4mm. Active ingredient: MBDB. This is a drug that was developed by Dr David Nichols of Purdue University. I told him of the discovery and he responded: "I don't know why anyone would make it. It is harder to make than MDMA and less potent, ergo, less profit. Furthermore, while I absolutely still believe that as a therapeutic agent it would still far surpass MDMA, as a dance club drug, or for producing euphoria it would seem to pale by comparison. On the other hand, I really don't know how the setting of a club would "mix" with the effects of the drug. The only clinical studies of MBDB by Shulgin and colleagues back in 1985 suggested that it produced a very lucid and clear mental state, which to my mind sounded very much like hypnosis... very clear mind, sharp memory, attentional focus... but lacking the sort of grandiosity and euphoria that is typical of MDMA. Perhaps in a dance club the energy would be more directed and focused?"

Grey Biscuit (no motif), grey, fracture line on back, 12.5x3.5mm. 130mg MDMA.

Dove. Off white, fracture line on back, 8x3.5mm. 29mg MDA.

Tomahawk (axe motif). Brown speckled off-white, 8x3.5mm. 100 mg MDEA.

Hammer and Sickle motif. Off-white speckled, crumbles easily when wet, slightly domed, without fracture line on back, 8x2mm. 130mg MDEA.

Diamond or Square (small square motif), bevelled, fracture line on back. Brown speckled off-white, 10x2mm. 21mg amphetamine plus unknown substance

Speckled dove. White, crude bird motif, fracture line on back, 8x3mm.152mg MDEA.

Dove Crumbly, white, clear motif, fracture line on back, 9x3mm. 148mg MDEA

Dove. Beige colour, fracture line on back, 9x4mm. 170mg MDEA

Dove. Clear motif, sharply bevelled, fracture line on back, 8.5x3mm. 145mm MDEA

Dove, off-white, slightly bevelled, bird motif not crisp, fracture line on back, 9x4mm Ketamine and Ephedrine.