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Test results of 18 samples of Ecstasy bought in Germany and tested by Tempo magazine. Kindly translated by Eisenreich Bernhard

Please note: These results and comments are as published by Tempo. I have asked them what the polutants are and will add their reply: the labs I have used have never mentioned polutants.

NO NAME price: 45 DM. Ingredients: 118mg MDMA. Impurities: Low. Pure MDMA, the classic ingredient in medium dose

DWARF price: 40 DM. Ingredients: 119mg MDMA. Impurities: Low. Pure MDMA product. If there was Ecstasy at the pharmacy, all would buy DWARF

PLAYBOY/RABBIT price: 40 DM. Ingredients: 120mg MDMA. Impurities: very high!! Contains no other drugs, but polluted. Stay away

ADAM price: 40 DM. Ingredients: 105 mg MDMA. Impurities: Low. In general ADAM stands for MDMA. This pill contains MDEA which is more hallucinogenic

LION HEAD price: 40 DM. Ingredients: 117 mg MDEA. Impurities: Low. Pure ECSTASY. This pill is market leader in Berlin

DWARF price: 40 DM. Ingredients: 97 mg MDMA. Impurities: Low. Smoother because Lower dose

STAR price: 40 DM. Ingredients: l08mg MDMA. Impurities: very high! This pill is polluted, but ingredients and dose are typical for Ecstasy

CLOVER price: 25 DM. Ingredients: 119 mg MDEA. Impurities: Low. Perhaps very rustling because it contains a high MDEA dose

ROAD RUNNER price: 25 DM. Ingredients: 109 mg MDMA. Impurities: Low. Pure product

CAMEL price: 25 DM. Ingredients: 105 mg MDMA. Impurities: Low. Pure product

NONAME price: 50 DM. Ingredients: 126mg MDMA 10.5 mg MDEA, 5.3 mg Amphetamine, 2.5 mg Caffeine. Impurities: High. The highest MDMA/MDEA dose in the test. High dose plus Amphetamine and Caffeine makes your heart beat faster NEVER EVER

NONAME price: 50 DM. Ingredients: 50 mg MDMA plus 19 mg Amphetamine. Impurities: High. Under dosed pill. Looks typically like bad goods

NONAME price: 40 DM. Ingredients: 76 mg Amphetamine. Impurities: High This pill contains only Amphetamine you can buy it as Speed as well. You are awake for some hours and can drink without getting drunk. In the morning everything is over.

DOVE price: 60 DM!! Ingredients: 30mg Amphetamine. Impurities: high. Only a little bit of stimulant, nothing else. A bottle of RED-BULL might have the same effect.

CHANNEL-RINGS price: 35DM. Ingredients: 112mg MDMA. Impurities: Low. Very pure ingredient

BARNEY price: 35 DM. Ingredients: 115 mg MDMA. Impurities: Low. Medium dose of the classic ECSTASY-Substance MDMA

DOLLAR price: 30 DM. Ingredients: 200mg MBDB. Impurities: Low. The designer drug MBDB is new but already forbidden. MBDB should make sure that no hallucinations appear, but the dose seems too high

SMILEY price: 25DM. Ingredients: 126mg MDEA 2.2 mg MDMA. Impurities: Low. The underground-chemist doesn't clean his lab. Where do the 2.2 mg MDMA come from?