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Warning: Green Triangles

Green, triangular pills sold as ecstasy in the USA have been found to contain the substance DXM. There are reports that these pills are now also being sold in the UK.

DXM (Dextromethorphan) is commonly found in certain over-the-counter cough medicines and at low doses it produces effects quite similar to alcohol. However, at high doses it is a dissasociative, like ketamine. It is not generally used as a dance drug as the changes of consciousness it produces are best experienced in a quiet, safe place, such as at home.

DXM raises body temperature and it also inhibits sweating. This can make it a potentially dangerous substance to take in a hot environment, and the risks are increased if it is mixed with ecstasy, which also raises your body temperature. The two drugs are metabolised through the same liver enzyme, and so using them together places extra strain on your liver.

If you think you may have taken a pill containing DXM and you are in a hot place (such as a club) you should aim to cool yourself down - spend time in the chill-out, or outside the club, stay off the dance-floor, and keep well-hydrated. Do not take any other pills in the hope of getting some 'real e' - mixing these two substances is not a good idea.

Pictures and dimensions of the DXM-containing pills found in the US are on the Dancesafe site.