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E for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders
Appendix 1: Reference Section

18 Fax from Home Office, 23/2/93
The Entertainments (Increased Penalties) Act 1990 tightened up the penalties for infringement of the entertainment licensing laws. It increased to a fine of #20,000 and imprisonment for up to six months, or both, the maximum penalties magistrates can impose for certain offences against the entertainment licensing laws in England and Wales. The fine was previously #2,000 or three months imprisonment or both. The offences in question concern the use of a place for entertainment involving music and dancing without the necessary licence which places a limit on the number of people which may be present at the entertainment. In addition, the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (Confiscation Order) gives magistrates the power to make confiscation orders when the profits exceed #10,000.

[Contents][Appendix 1]
[Reference 17][Reference 19]
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