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E for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders
Appendix 1: Reference Section

24 Analgesic safety and efficacy of MDMA in modification of pain and distress of end-stage cancer, Charles Grob et al.
This is a proposal for a clinical investigation of the potential of MDMA as an analgesic for cancer pain. It involves 24 subjects and takes 2 years to complete. It focuses on gathering preliminary data concerning safety and tolerance, the drug's mechanism of action and its safety.

End-stage pancreatic cancer patients have been selected as the most suitable subjects. 24 subjects are needed, all with chronic pain as a result of end-stage pancreatic cancer. 12 patients used as controls are identically treated with placebos (to provide a double blind trial). All receive 4 sessions separated by at least 2 weeks. Dosage is up to 2.3 mg/kg.

[Contents][Appendix 1]
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