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E is for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders

Appendix 1: Reference Section

123 Phone interview with a couple who use E for playing music

A couple living in California have been using Ecstasy for playing spontaneous music over the past 15 years with a few intimate friends in an unusual way. They take small doses of about 50 mg every hour or so for a whole day and have even gone on for several days, though the first couple of hours is the most creative for the woman. They have had several hundred such sessions.

There is more harmony between them, probably due to their increased empathy. They find no problems due to the E causing distractions, they can get right into it. But it can be helpful to start with a strong base note playing, to beat out a rhythm, as a basis to work into the music. She is too shy to play freely without, together they are more free to express themselves in creative ways without being self-judgemental.

Asked how music stood up to scrutiny afterwards, they answered well. It was more spontaneous, more inspired and freer without falling back on known routines though not basically different in character to the way they played without. However they have got bored with it over the years because it doesn't take them far enough into another space.

Asked whether E would work in same way with strangers, they said it would probably help, but they don't know others doing it.

The couple also like to go out on a lake in a canoe wearing wireless headphones connected via a home made electronic system that can produce various effects such as time delay or sound distortion which he can easily handle on E. They first used it to clear a lot of shit between them, and later to develop and get into nature. The experience is more on an emotional level than spiritual. They have no set goal, except to develop themselves and their relationship, and lately just to have fun. Once a regular monthly event, they have now cut down as they find the after effects are worse.

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