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E is for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders

Appendix 1: Reference Section

128 Psychedelic Explosion, by Inner Astronaut, an unpublished manuscript

Sections are entitled Brief history of psychedelics; Psychedelic safety; LSD; Psilocybin mushrooms; San Pedro cactus; Ecstasy; 2CB; DMT; Harmala alkaloids; Ketamine; Multiple combinations; Further explorations and Bibliography. I have seen two versions, one typed and the other laid out as a booklet with 64 pages. I have spoken to the author and he tells me that the final version will be expanded and improved. Two publishers are currently interested, and it will probably be available by 1995.

If you are interested in exploring psychedelics other than Ecstasy, then this would be well worth having. I expect it will be sold by mail order catalogues (such as Books by Phone) or from specialist bookstores by the time this edition is available; I do not have an address. The book is the experience of a psychedelic explorer who lives in San Francisco and has a tripping room suitably equipped with everything down to a vomit bucket. I have shown it to several psychedelic explorers who have commented that it is excellent. Criticisms are that it is too biased towards Ketamine and that, apart from sex, he does not appear to value the social interactive enhancements of some drugs.

The author rates Ecstasy rather low (as do many people who are keen users of psychedelics), but the following are his views on combining MDMA with other drugs:

The addition of 2CB allows users to retain and develop their insights. It can be taken with, before or after the E. 80mg E taken 11/2 hours after 2CB can produce deep empathetic content. It can also help an E trip to become sexual, but he suggests that, in general, the way to make any trip sexual is to get sexually involved early on.

LSD and E ('Candyflip') produces a more intense E high rather than an acid high. Nitrous oxide on E is 'quite enjoyable'. "A blast of nitrous oxide always feels good, especially if you're already high. . .It can put an additional peak on your peak, and can be used to 'break up' a state of mind so you can switch to something else".

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