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E is for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders

Appendix 1: Reference Section

132 Interview with Daniel Kaufman, 27/10/93

Mr Kaufman is an artist who has used both LSD and E to explore and delve deeper within himself. He found that his style, which is abstract, became more open on E, and that within his paintings images occurred as though spontaneously - he believed it was his subconscious emerging. The results seemed to him to be a real advance, to have more character than previously. While on E he finds that the images flow out with clarity, and that the themes are cosmic and profound. He feels contact "with that which is eternal within us - love". But he was upset that he could not get such good results except while painting on E. He is convinced that the source of his work is inside him all the time and it worries him that he needs a drug to 'break through' his own barriers to act his true self. So now he is trying extreme purification through meditation, fasting and clean living in order to try to achieve the same state of calm and fearlessness, but so far without success. He meditates, and in fact used to teach Transcendental Meditation, but even the combination of cleansing and meditation only gets him part of the way that E takes him. The only equivalent to the E state he has experienced is being in love.

He has used E with lovers, and his experience has taught him that it is a great mistake to do so before the relationship is established, as it can lead to an in-love state without the necessary foundations. But, after several weeks of positive development, it is the ideal tool for bonding a relationship.

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