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E is for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders

Appendix 1: Reference Section

136 Interview with Martye Kent, 1/11/93

Martye's first experience with MDMA was in 1982 when she went on a spiritual journey to an ancient Inca monument. She took the MDMA in a shrine where she meditated for 4 hours on her own. When she came out she felt everything was "holy ordinary", and was guided by an inner voice that directed her to discover an ancient pre-Inca statuette and made her aware that a huge snake she encountered was not hungry. She was also able to converse with Indians without any common language. Later she told the story to a priest who said that her description was that of being in a 'state of grace'. She attributes the experience to being without fear thus allowing intuition to flourish without needing to justify her insights. The event taught her to trust her intuition, and was a spiritual opening.

In 1985 she met Masaius who she considered a genius, being an Egyptologist, a mathematician and also an astrologer. He combined his talents to work out a spiritual path which he called The Lion Path, a system designed to activate each person to their highest level. "Originally, MDMA played a part by holding the gates open to the other worlds and raising the energy to help penetrate the delusions of everyday life".

Masaius believes that there have been 'open' periods in history at regular intervals, the last being the renaissance, when there is the opportunity for spiritual growth. The present open period is what some others regard as the New Age, and in March 1994.

Masaius claims he has interpreted hieroglyphics on 3 benches inside the tomb of Tutenkamen, and that they refer to 3 levels of consciousness. One is the everyday level, the next that experienced in altered states such as on psychedelics while the third is that achieved while following a practice such as The Lion Path. It is this state which is desirable for spiritual growth.

Using astrology, Masaius determines a series of dates for each individual, on lines similar to numerology, to coincide with planetary configurations. He chooses dates to match each individual's openness to that of the world, and it is on these particular dates that they should meditate in solitude. Originally, MDMA was used to facilitate the sessions, but since its prohibition Masaius supplies tones and vibrations on cassettes as a substitute. For the first 7 months meditations are about every 3 weeks and from then on every 4 months for the next 4 years. The doses of MDMA were specified, rising and falling in rhythm; reaching a peak of 150 mg and then reducing to a final dose of 25 mg. By this time the pattern should have become habitual to the point that the state can be achieved without drugs. Before each meditation participants fast and decide on their intention for the session - which may consist of a personal aim or acquainting oneself with the character of the ruling astrological power - lying down with eyes closed and "allowing the universal force to penetrate". This sets the pattern for individual spiritual growth "within a cosmic egg". There is no other dogma, and participants do not meet. However, Martye has organized meetings for participants and to teach new people the method (which has met with disapproval from Masaius). She found that, though each person reported positive changes, the benefits varied enormously. It seemed as though the method caused each person to develop differently and to flower as an individual, though it was definitely a spiritual path.

Recently Masaius has denied that he suggests the use of MDMA, though according to Martye he used to be open about it. In the book I was shown, numbers were shown without explanation that Martye said referred to doses of MDMA in mg.

Martye feels enormous benefit from following The Lion Path. She feels more alive, purposeful and able to resolve things.

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