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E is for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders

Appendix 1: Reference Section

139 Interview with John, a dealer in California, 11/93

John is an E enthusiast and also a dealer, visiting his clients every few weeks. He is also a musician.

I asked him if he ever played on E and he said that he has tried but couldn't provide the necessary discipline - except for this it would be ideal as creativity is improved and it allows one to be in touch without the fear that normally makes one censure free expression - "If you are trying, then you're not where its at". He finds E good for playing drums, but 2CB much better for playing music.

John supplies some of the well-known names in Hollywood, and says that demand has doubled over the past year. He believes this is not due to a shortage but simply E is spreading to a wider clientele. As an example, he mentioned a well-known film director whose latest film had been trashed by the media and whose wife had been ousted from a charity she had founded. They were both devastated when John visited them, but a few days later phoned him to say that their Ecstasy trip had put everything in perspective and restored their self esteem, a change which lasted.

John's sister in her late 40s was dumped by her husband who she had been very dependant on, having no social life of her own. John and her had not been close before, but he persuaded her to spend a day with him on E although she had never before taken a psychoactive drug apart from alcohol. It was an amazing day of exchange of heartfelt feelings between them, going back over events in their lives and establishing that they really did care for one another, which gave his sister confidence that she was not completely alone.

As a Father's Day treat, John chose to spend the day with his wife and two grownup children on Ecstasy. It was a delightful reunion, reestablishing the family's closeness and intimacy.

[Contents][Appendix 1]
[Reference 138][Reference 140]
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