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E is for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders

Appendix 1: Reference Section

142 Faxes from Rick Doblin

The Russian research project has been postponed indefinitely. The researcher, Dr. Krupitsky, says that everything is unpredictable in Russia at present, and gracefully agreed that the funds for his project should be used for the Nicaraguan research.

Nicaraguan research project status as at 2/94. David Nicholls has applied for an export license for the MDMA and the Nicaraguan ministry is expected to give official approval soon. More top people have offered to support the project, the latest being Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, a world expert in PTSD research. Sylvia Garma of the SF veterans administration, is interested in helping with PTSD throughout South America, has offered help. Rick's contact in the DEA was at first negative but eventually expressed support for the project on the grounds that it would end criticism that the DEA was blocking research into MDMA.

Prozac. "It seems that about a third of MDMA-using Prozac users report absent or diminished response to MDMA".

Telepathy. Rick once took E at a party away from home and at about 3am closed his eyes and used the emotional clarity of the E state to review his past relationships with lovers. On returning to his hotel, he found a telephone message: an ex-lover who he had not seen for 3 years, though not one he had dwelled on, had been woken by such a powerful dream about Rick at 3am that she had felt compelled to trace him even though that meant waking people up to find where he was staying.

[Contents][Appendix 1]
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