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E is for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders

Appendix 1: Reference Section

146 Attend rave organised by Club Together, 12/2/94

Club Together is one of several private clubs that organise raves. Every month or two, a circular is sent out to members offering tickets for #10. I was told that the club was run by and for more mature ravers who were professionals, and was introduced to an architect, a computer animator, a conference organiser and a lawyer. Nearly all the 500 or so people were white, dressed as for a cocktail party and aged from about 25 to 35. The atmosphere was much like an office party with most people knowing one another. The event I attended was in a photographic studio which was more comfortable and better decorated than the usual warehouse venues, and was efficiently organised. It got going at midnight and carried on through the night.

Although I was told that 95% would be on E, it looked to us more like 20% showing obvious signs of E behaviour, with the great majority drinking beer (and a surprisingly large proportion smoking cigarettes). However, there were also quite a lot who drank alcohol and took E simultaneously. Behaviour was a blend of that associated with alcohol and E - chatting up and flirting but without aggressive behaviour with blissed out dancers and huggers completely accepted. However, the atmosphere was not conducive to create the magic group experience, nor was there any response between dancers and DJ.

[Contents][Appendix 1]
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