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E is for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders

Appendix 1: Reference Section

182 The Ecstasy Study by Lifeline, 1993 published as part of Sheila Henderson's Final Report [see reference 41]

98 Ecstasy users between 16 and 31 in the Manchester area completed a questionnaire between August 92 and January 93. 93% had first tried Ecstasy in a rave setting. 87% of users paid between #10 and #15 per dose. Women composed 65%: more took half doses than men and they were more likely to try Ecstasy at a younger age.

Asked about frequency of enjoyment, 52% replied most times, 25% said every time and 18% said not as much as they used to. While the same proportion of men to women replied most times, more men than women said they enjoyed it every time. Half took one tablet per night; a quarter took 1-2 and 18% took half.

Asked what they liked about Ecstasy, two thirds replied in terms of 'happiness, joy, elation or euthoria' followed by 'energy', 'dancing', 'relaxation/release', 'group feeling', 'confidence' and 'escape'. Asked about worst effects just after use, 37% were physical and 40% psychological. During use, 17% said physical and 21% psychological. Asked about use of other drugs, 61% smoked tobacco daily, 52% drank alcohol weekly (16% daily), 40% smoked cannabis frequently, 40% amphetamine weekly. In addition, occasional use of other drugs included: 52% LSD, 9% cocaine, 4% magic mushrooms, 3% heroin or other opiates, 3% amyl nitrate and 3% ketamine. 94% of those who first tried Ecstasy at age 18-19 years still take it; 76% also smoke tobacco and 42% smoke cannabis daily. Of these, a third take E a few times each month and a third weekly. Though tobacco, cannabis and cocaine were more popular among women than men, more men than women used magic mushrooms and ketamine (also male were the only two who used heroin).

Asked about the future use of Ecstasy, 56% said it was here to stay in their own lives, while 70% said it was here to stay for young people generally.

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