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E is for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders

Appendix 1: Reference Section

188 Phone call from Graham 5/3/94

Graham is an American in his sixties who has been using MDMA for over 12 years. Originally, he was part of a communal group who routinely took Ecstasy together, but though the closeness and intimacy at the time was wonderful, they decided from experience that it was inappropriate to be so intimate with everyone in the wider group, and now they keep to couples or family groups. He says their living situation is that of about 100 people consisting of several extended households living as close neighbours and friends, along with children and grandchildren. There have been no divorces; all the couples involved have stayed together.

Since he started taking MDMA regularly at the age of 50, he has 'rehabilitated' himself both physically and emotionally. He used to be a pushy casino owner without social conscience or morals who thought the world was a jungle. Now he meditates, has not raised anger for the past eight years and is vegetarian. He still uses MDMA twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. He now uses large doses up to 400 mg as he has become tolerant, and is aware of other personalities inhabiting his body. He believes that his frequent use of MDMA has not only transformed his life but seems to channel chance in his favour - things have happened to him against odds of millions to one.

Graham asked me not to identify which animal species is involved, but told me about his involvement in racing. He has been involved in breeding animals for racing, and they are so highly strung that they sometimes get illnesses related to stress. A few years ago, with an animal in a critical state before and the vet not able to come straight away, he administered some MDMA and witnessed a miracle cure. Since then he has used it with a variety of animals from horses to birds. For instance, when he has found a wild bird with a broken bone, in the past he would set the bone but the bird would still die of fear, but given a 'couple of drops' of MDMA it would relax and survive.

He has also heard of horses being given MDMA before races, which he says helps them to overcome the shock of competition.

He had heard of athletes using MDMA as part of their training routine, but thinks it would not be useful otherwise.

His family has no medical insurance and have never needed a doctor. He believes this is due to their regular use of MDMA which he sees as a tonic, giving relief from flu and helping in almost every situation. He has even given it to one year olds 'in desperation'.

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