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E is for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders

Appendix 1: Reference Section

196 Letter from Fiona Measham, 2/94

Ms. Measham's research involves keeping track of a cohort of young people, now 16-17 years old (described in reference 49). She attends hard-core jungle clubs in the Midlands about once a fortnight including The Edge in Coventry and Institute and Q club in Birmingham, the latter being in a converted church holding 3,000.

"Regarding trends, the jungle scene is vibrant and buzzing at the moment, as evident by the opening of large new clubs. Last year people spoke to me of their personal experiences of 'snidey Es' leading them to choose other dance drugs instead, in particular LSD and speed. More recently, it seems that improved quality has led some to move back to Ecstasy as the preferred dance drug. Now, however, a lot of people are sticking to brands they know and trust, especially 'Doves', rather than the previous trend for wanting to try the latest E on the market.

"A small but growing number are using cocaine, which is increasingly available and at a lower price. Male friends say they quite often get offered a snort in the toilets at venues. . . There is also a race dimension, with young black men in Wolverhampton more likely to be doing speed, cocaine (crack and coke), cannabis and alcohol in various mixtures rather than E which is definitely still the first choice for young white men."

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