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E for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders
Appendix 1: Reference Section

43 The Adam Experience, a guide for first-time users, by Starfire, 1985
A seven page pamphlet published anonymously. It gives the following advice: Plan the trip to be free of expectations, duties, tasks or interruptions. Saturday morning is suggested for those who work normal hours. Put aside the whole day and do not drive - it is said this is probably unnecessary but allows for strong reactions. Allow Sunday off too and regard the weekend as a retreat. It is best to take MDMA with someone who has taken it themselves and "above all, is loved and trusted by you". Emotional and psychic bonding can result, so be choosy. Prepare yourself by fasting if this feels comfortable, otherwise avoid solid foods for the preceding 4 hours. Get good sleep the night before. The better you feel, the better the effect.

Doses should be proportional to your weight: 125 mg is ideal for 150-180lbs. A booster 2hrs after ingesting the drug will prolong the plateau for upwards of 6 hours, but this is not really recommended on your first trip as the effect is usually very powerful anyway. The booster dose should be 1/3 of the initial dose.

Take MDMA as if it were a sacrament. Meditate on the fact that you are about to experience something special. During the first half hour it has no effect, so usethis time positively for intimate talk about your hopes and expectations. Focus on shelving or letting go of mundane concerns and trivial upsets.

With an empty stomach you will feel a definite rush, experienced as a clear certainty of your own perfectness and connectedness.

Focus on surrendering to the experience. Let go. Laugh, cry or hug your partner or yourself. Let it be easy and share what you are feeling with your partner, because that's what the experience is all about - sharing, healing, loving.

You will notice minor, harmless effects: dilation of the pupils; increase in pulse; sometimes jaw clenching and eye wiggle and a marked loss of appetite which may last 24 hours. Don't worry if these do not occur. The plateau phase gives you feelings of peace, calm and certainty and lasts from 1 to 6 hours. Use this time to experiment, touch and feel. Looking into your partner's eyes is a profound experience.

If appropriate, you may express your feelings with your partner sexually. The drug is not an aphrodisiac, but it does eliminate barriers. It can aid bonding between people. Sexual experience only occurs when it is appropriate on a heart level for both of you. There may be no desire for sex even with a lover. Know that whatever you choose to create will be a perfect and appropriate choice.

Ecstasy does not normally give 'stoned' feelings, distortions or disorientation. There is no delusion: everything experienced will be just as clear afterwards. Therefore MDMA is a learning tool of immense power. When they use E creatively people change: they get calmer, happier and less tense; more willing to be honest, laugh and to love themselves.

During the plateau phase, it is possible to communicate from a much deeper place. Make use of this: say what you feel. You will find it is OK not to censure yourself. This experience of unconditional communication is transformative at a very deep level. Feel this. Learn this. Talk about it, especially everything you couldn't talk about normally. And let your partner know of your acceptance of his or her thoughts and feelings as well. Suggest saying to each other from time to time: What are we learning? Try to fix in your mind the perfect simplicity of what you are learning. This will be available for you the next day and from then on.

You may not be aware of it, but your body is working harder. Look after yourself, drink plenty of water

Difficult trips may result from the release of unexpected emotions. Sometimes the whole trip will be a reliving of unexpressed negative feelings. This may be painful but it can be profoundly valuable. An understanding, patient and loving partner is needed, but there is no such thing as a bad trip on Ecstasy. There is often a release of negativity followed by relief and joy, although this may not follow until your next trip.

A unique effect of Ecstasy is its afterglow, which may occur from 6 hours to 24 hours after taking the drug. This is a cuddly sort of space and a good time to talk about the experience. Consciously work with your partner to maintain the sense of perfect love created on the trip. It is easy to do during the afterglow, and as this is an in-between state it is a chance to learn how to incorporate the experience into every day life.

A second trip should not be taken for several weeks to allow you time to absorb the experience. Discuss and plan the structure of your next trip to build on what you have learnt.

Do not use Ecstasy if you are pregnant or lactating.

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