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E for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders
Appendix 1: Reference Section

44 MDMA and Human Sexual Function, by John Buffum and Charles Moser, from Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, Vol. 18/4 1986
This paper gives the findings of a survey carried out by distributing an anonymous questionnaire around the San Francisco area in 1985-6. Of 300 distributed, 76 were filled out and returned (25%).

70% of users had engaged in sexual activity while on MDMA. Of these, 88% of the women and 74% of the men said that the sensuality of the sexual experience was enhanced. They indulged in less, but the same type of, sexual activities on MDMA, with the exception of more 'heavypetting'. 81% of users said that the sensuality of the experience was enhanced and several commented that MDMA was a sensual, not a sexual, drug. Half the men said it was more difficult to have an erection and 62% said they had difficulty achieving orgasm, but, among women, as many found it easier to have an orgasm on MDMA as found it harder. 76% of users said MDMA had not caused health or emotional problems. Complaints included urinary tract infections, tiredness, colds, headaches and mild depression next day. While 85% of users said MDMA had no effect on their sexual desires, the rest felt like doing things, such as having group sex, that implied being free of inhibitions. No increase in users' willingness to initiate sexual activity was reported, but they became slightly more receptive. A third of users thought MDMA had helped them overcome inhibitions, making comments like "cleared pelvic blocks," "lessening of resistance," "better sensual communication" and "more relaxed". All the women and 87% of the men thought MDMA increased emotional closeness, and two thirds said this did not depend on the dose.

The researchers conclude that MDMA is not an aphrodisiac, but enhances the sensual aspects of sex. They note that, with half the men and a third of the women having felt more receptive to sex on MDMA, "it is curious that a drug which can increase emotional closeness, enhance receptivity to being sexual and would be chosen as a sexual enhancer, does not increase the desire to initiate sex".

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