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E for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders
Appendix 1: Reference Section

78 No more junkie heroes? by Mark Gilman, from Druglink May 1992
Gilman says that the up and coming users of illicit drugs regard them as an adjunct to fun rather than the organising force of their lifestyle. There are many more of them than in previous generations and they use amphetamines, cannabis, LSD, Ecstasy and, sometimes, cocaine. They do not inject and are not dependent on their chosen drug. The most pressing policy task is to keep this group as far apart from opiate users as possible. This should be relatively easy as many of the younger drug users hold strong anti-injecting and anti-opiate views and refer to junkies in highly derogatory terms such as 'old and smelly'.

[Contents][Appendix 1]
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E is for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders (
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