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New research results

Recent research results

Here are some new research results relevant to Ecstasy use, including some resulting from student projects. These are mainly posted as received without editing. Please email me with additions.

MDMA research in Switzerland: preliminary findings and request
Ecstasy and Aspirin: combination causes increase in body temperature in rats
MDMA in humans: preliminary findings of Charles Grob's research
Ecstasy use survey UK dance scene drug use
Drug-induced psychosis taken for granted but not much evidence
Heat stress in night clubs Survey and thermal assessment of a night club
Sexual effects of Ecstasy Israeli survey
Decreases in serotonin in human brains cannot be equated with damage
Survey on drug use in Britain. More people have tried magic mushrooms than Ecstasy
Alcohol and ecstasy: a comparison of effect on mood
A study of heat stress in night clubs