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Student research projects

Research projects in progress

Research on ecstasy at Johns Hopkins
Attitudes of youth compared to media
Pharmacology and Toxicology of Ecstasy
Genetic susceptability
Social representation of drug users
Investigative journalism Drugs and dance culture
Neurotoxicity vs. Spirituality A Chemical and Moral Assessment of MDMA
Chill-out rooms More information required for this project.
Drugs and Dance What are the links?
Clubbing in London How clubbing changes the way in which we see ourselves
Weight loss through dancing and use of dance drugs
Ecstasy and Youth: its part in the transition of 'child ' to 'adult'
Full Moon Parties: the artistic side in relation to ecstasy
Social Problems surrounding ecstasy use
Effectiveness of the government's ecstacy education programme
Contaminants Australian study on possibly dangerous by-products
A study of methods used by the media to ensure accuracy of reporting

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